About Ever After 

Ever After is an industry leader when it comes to event planning.

We love to be inspired and creative, we have all the right tools to create your dream event and execute your vision into reality. 


We are fascinated with being anything but ordinary.


Our flawless attention to detail allows you to relax and be at ease and lets us plan your event, curating the ideal venue and vendors while always looking out for your best interests. 


We are here to accompany you each step of the way, we are strong listeners but moreover, we are great executors. 


We will move mountains making sure that your event is speckless while letting you be present and able to enjoy every moment of the event. 



About Me  



My Name is Tal, born in Israel and spent most of my childhood and teen years in South and Central America, finally returned to Israel to finish high school, college and later on get married to my best friend and soulmate and raise 2 incredible boys (1.5 & 3) and today I live in Flordia USA


I love different cultures, love learning and getting to know people, and I can easily adapt to changes and new places. Love exploring the world and what it has to offer. 


Ever since I can remember I have always loved planning events and the path my career has taken me was always  in the fields of events - for the past 15 years everything  I’ve done has led me to build my own company of event planning services - it's been an exciting adventure and a huge part of who I am.


Motivation is not just a word to me, it’s a way of life. 

I am very energetic, joyful and dynamic and when I meet a new client I truly care about who they really are and want to get to know them. 


If you ask me what I bring to the table… first and foremost I speak three languages –Spanish, English, and Hebrew. But moreover, I would say a lot of experience, organizational ability, and excellent customer relationships. 

When I am not planning your dream event, you can find me working out, running and exercising which I find is the best cure for any bad day. 

I love to spend time with my husband and boys, family time is something that I truly treasure and appreciate in life. 

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